Wednesday, February 29, 2012

february 16th to 22nd

february 16th.....

the geese are back with a vengeance this year.
the pond is full of geese and ducks. lots of  activity
out there as they fight for the right to be in the pond.
we spent so much money over the last few years
trying to keep the numbers down. i fear it was all for naught. 

february 17th.....
took uma on a outing to the estate to see the new baby goats.  we walked around the grounds investigating everything.  "let's walk over here and see what we can find,"  uma told me. a stick in her hand like a real adventurer  we walked through the big arbor in the rose garden, uma carried her little stuffed goat.

uma was determined that her little goatee  (as we call him) wanted to meet the goats in the barn.  uma was
very hesitant about getting too close to the goats, but love seeing them and the rooster and chickens who came over to see what all the action was about.

then we walked down to the children kneeling at the feet of the madona.  they were all gazing up and uma looked up to the the mother. 

february 18th....early birthday celebration

it's only mid february and i'm already celebrating my birthday (march 25th) with my girl gang.  they bought me a membership to the michner museum in doylestown for an early birthday gift, and took me to see a marvelous showing of the work of mavis smith's hidden realities.  

 the scuptures are outside the gallery. it was such a beautiful day, the sun was shining and it was in the low 60's.  perfect day to celebrate my birthday.

the other objective of our day was to finalize our travel plans to south carolina in april.   we sat in the nakashima reading room and looked at a map. figuring out where we want to go

another surprise for the day was our friend lisa joined us for lunch and i was given yet another gift!  really it felt kind of silly, but i love my friends and defer to their judgement.  thank you ladies for making me feel so silly and so special.

lida, diana & lisa

february 19th.....

after my morning dance class i was kidnapped by amy and take to bucks county to hand deliver invitations for our upcoming women's retreat  to various yoga studios and touristy areas in bucks county and acccross the river to new jersey.  we went as far as french town. another beautiful day and i was almost outside some of the time...the the drive through the country is so gorgeous and of course the company was excellent too.

lunch in new hope
beautiful bucks county

february 20th..... tia builds a house

after work i popped over to see the kids and anjuli was there babysitting uma and building her a house out of cardboard boxes...uma was thrilled
uma fascinated with the trap door

 february 21st.....

spring is so close i can taste are some snowdrops that are coming up in my garden.

february 22nd....

i managed to sneak out of the office at lunch and take a little walk about....enjoy.

copper beech foot print

isn't this bark amazing (copper beech)


Mamatography 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2012

february 9th - 15th....valentine's day & snow

february 9th....let it snow

so winter is finally making a face.  we had another lovely snowfall. slow, steady and just the right amount.  it was absolutely magic...the trees especially looking like lace doilies all cut out of white paper.

cotton growing in my garden???
ducks on the pond at the elkins estate

february 10th....

this was the first girl's night out for our office.  the plan was to go to the blue comet (a local pub) in glenside and have a few drinks.  but as it turned out, it was also the grand opening for my friend jule's new store 'not just antiques' which, as it happens, is just around the corner from the pub.  so our first guessed it.

robin's find
wendy found a cute little jewery box for her daughter and robin found the perfect case for her new camera.

                              and i tried on a hat, drank a glass of wine and ate a chocolate covered fig...yum

joyce & robin
                                               then we went to the pub and had a drinky..yum

february 11th....

belly dance class and then a bunch of us went shopping for costume fabric for a performance in march.  on our way to jomar (fabulous place for inexpensive and big selection of fabrics) we saw the most beautiful huge white was a sycamore tree, never saw one so big and white. 

we stopped the car and yael and i hopped out to take pictures and offer our obeisances to this magnificent specimen. 

                 decisions we are finally at the cutting table.  what fun we had.

their lordships sri sri radha madhava
later in the evening i went to the hare krishna temple in mount airy to drop off some flyers for my new classical indian dance class.  hoping to pick up some new students.  then on to lida's with diana to watch the latest episode of downton abbey.  very full day.  

february 13th.....

monday ...what can i say...a little bird sitting in a bush.  sweet tweet. 

february 14th.....

valentine's day...i got a valentine from my friend cute. and a beautiful bookmark valentine from lida
thank you ladies for making my day. 

valentine from tina

february 15th....
busy day today at work....but you may be wondering

what do i do all day every day at work??   sit at a desk, push paper, put out fires, talk on phone, and dream of another life.  

after work i stopped over at my sons house to see my grandchildren. they were out at co-op when i arrived, so i cleaned the kitchen a little till they got home. sheila made a lovely chilli and i got to hold madhava who was wide awake and smiled a hundred smiles while the rest of the family eats and  my heart melts.  here's uma washing dishes after dinner.  she loves to stand at the sink and watch the water running while she washes her dish. 

madhava and i watched uma washing up after dinner.  he's growing sooooo fast.  he's filling out in a way uma never did.  big fat cheeks and his thighs are getting thick.  his eyes are starting to clear up and they definitely look blue now.  what a cutie.

then i drove over to have dinner with my dear friend lida.  she made roasted veggies served over arugula with balsamic vinegar.   delicious.  

Mamatography 2012

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

february 2 - 8th....full moon

ebruary 2nd.....

tribal jewelery at 'not just antiques'
thursday evening...jule's store opened till 6pm, so i stopped in to say hello after work and before my dance class.  lots of tribal looking jewelery.  very exciting stuff. and the store looked so pretty, getting ready for valentines day, hearts on display. 

jule also has some fabulous vintage eyewear...check her out below wearing a pair of cool specs.  

jule wearing cool specs

february 3rd.....

here's  a pic of some bulbs coming up in my garden.  though it's only the beginning of february it's feeling like the end of march.  the garden is coming to life.  i've seen snowdrops and crocuses already.  praying my magnolia tree doesn't start budding....these bulbs are hardy and can handle the snow and cold, but my magnolia won't. 

february 4th....

beautiful stained glass at my studio captured my attention this morning when i walked in to work. the light and warm  wood features were so delicious.   happy saturday!

february 5th....

susie and i practicing a new move this morning
yay sunday!

i spend a lot of time in my studio, so it is good that i love the space and the people who grace my classroom.

lida, diana & i at the movies

february 6th.....

here's a shot of the lenten rose that is blooming in my garden. usually not up until march, this warm weather has everything and everyone confused. 

february 7th......full moon

finally the full moon.  so beautiful tonight. 

uma and i looked at it together and sang a little song.

 happy full moon everyone.  

diane, jeanne, robin & me

met with my dance class and we spent time talking about the performance we're planning for our dear teacher's 99th birthday celebration.  afterward a few of us went out for dinner.   good times.

february 8th....
                                          snuggling with madhava
e-ma & madhava
snow fall on malla & pelu

another week has flown by.  a long day at work.  when i left work it was snowing so beautifull...nice big flakes slowly falling to the ground.  just like in a glass snow ball...very lovely.    i started my evening snuggling with madhava, playing with uma and then home to relax and read.  

uma playing 2 the same
uma with play dough beard
playing with the pie....   a friend made uma  play dough for her birthday. what  a great gift. uma loves to pretend she's making pie and that's why  she refers to it as " pie" and often asks to play with it. once she's done making pies and worms she likes me to make her fashion something out of the play dough.  she tells me what to make and i make it.  of course her favorite thing is to squish it up.  so after i made a cat and a robot  i suggested that she make a cat. but she told me that "i cannot make a cat, i will be frusterated"!!  can you imagine a two year old can even know what frustrated means, what to speak of understanding the concept.  she is so amazing.  so i had an idea...i made her a bracelet, then i made her a ring and she was thrilled.  what else should i make??? she pointed to my nose i made her a nose stud and stuck it on.  then she asked for earrings (she loves my jewelery and always asks about it).  now what?? i asked..."can you make me a beard?"  of course is said and then we went to the mirror to see the restults. she was thrilled. 

Mamatography 2012