Friday, June 22, 2012

june 7th - 13th....goddess gathering

the further i get along in creating this blog the more i am realizing the importance of journaling, of paying attention to what is moving in me and in my life.  this week was a flurry of activity, much of it relating to preparing for the goddess gathering which, by the way, was  a great success.  we had about 40 people in total, including the presenters.  we were blessed with four wonderful presenters, which in hindsight was a few too many.  as it was, the heat of the day kept us indoors the entire time.  only a few women ventured out  to explore the beautiful 42 acre elkins estate.  it felt so wrong to be sitting indoors channeling tree and rock spirits....with the big outdoors screaming to be explored. 

it is a good thing that i don't work on monday because i was absolutely spent...every bit of energy was sucked out of me at the goddess gathering.  so on monday i slept and rested most of the day. early evening i got a call from princess uma asking to see me.  dutifully (and with relief to finally be doing something)   i went over and sat outside and watched radha, sheila and uma play badminton...i got to hold madhava during the tournament which was fun.  uma is learning how to play badminton and she's getting better and betterer....(as hedy would say) every day.

speaking of hedy, i saw her on saturday after dinner. she was exhausted and could hardly keep her eyes open.  i brought her the photo book that i had made from her 99th b-day party. we looked at the pictures together and i think she enjoyed it.   though she is very weak, hedy is still getting up to walk, not sure how frequently, but at least she's still walking.  she's wearing an oxygen mask much more often now.  i think it has become necessary as she gets confused otherwise which may be due to  lack of oxygen.   what a fighter she is.

i took a walk in alvethorpe park with lida and got some amazing pictures of the very old trees. the park is big with ponds and streams and lots of forest with many walkways.  what a treat.

uma and i had some play time over at my house.  she's really getting comfortable there, and she's got a little routine down.  bindi of course gets a lot of attention as does the garden, she helped me put down the salt hay on the veggie patch.  we have four books to read now and then we play with some toys (stuff from when my kids were little).  we always have problem eating a whole container of black berries or strawberries  while sitting out on the porch.  broccoli is always a big hit, simply steamed with a little butter and's my favorite.   and juice...she loves apple juice so i always have plenty on hand.

my friend vera's celebrated her birthday on thursday, so i got up early and went out picking flowers.  then i made her a beautiful flower arrangement and delivered it to her with a card and gift.  making this flower arrangement inspired me to do the same for the goddess festival.  i did an 7am blitz, picking flowers from my garden, neighbor's gardens, and the elkins estate.  the arrangements came out so beautifully...diana helped and joi's children also helped with pulling off leaves and preparing the flowers.  what joy.

okay, so here's my week in photo's.....

there are tons of figs on my three fig trees

a single holly hock stock in my garden

oak leaf hydrangea

my little veggie garden i



the one and only bindhi

oh those eyes

alvethorpe park


glenside farmer's market


uma builds with zolo 

goddess gathering

eleanora & me

fabulous potluck lunch buffet

our altar

reception area

our fabulous swap....something for everyone

laughter yoga

elise, jule & rima chatting

aroma therapy

tribal spirit danced for us

everyone jumping in 

Mamatography 2012