Sunday, May 27, 2012

may 17th - 23rd.....

a beautiful week...lots of opportunity to spent time outdoors at the estate, my house, the curtis arboretum and walking around my neighborhood.   the rhododendrons are  flower now, i've seen several varities in several colors.  i am still playing catch up from my mother's visit but i'm back on schedule with my blog now. so, here's my week in photos.

uma found this little pod

apple tree on front lawn

uma holds bob for the first time 

in chestnut hill shopping for chairs

visited hedy seen here with former student 

red tent gathering on new moon

walk in curtis    lida, diana and i had dinner at my house and then went for a walk in curtis park

grilled asparagus & dosa salad wraps yummmm

queen ann's lace

Mamatography 2012

may 10th - 16th.....mother's day

with my mom in town, it has been a three week celebration of mother. we cooked, we knitted, we visited friends, went to interesting places and and were visited by friends. we had a fabulous time. all good things must come to an end...and sadly mom's visit came to an end and life goes on.....

may 10th...


Knitting Circle

May 11th....

Darcey's Senior Prom

Darcey looking adorable in her sequined
gown.  she looks like she's ready for the
red carpet on oscar night.  and considering the drama informing this photo shoot, i think she's got a good shot at a

Amy's Birthday Party

May 12th.....

visiting the marinelli-pai's

making the perfect dosa's with heart shaped oil formation 



 sharon & khushi's party  


may 13th...

mother's day

it was a beautiful mother's day.  i made mom breakfast and served it out on the patio.  after breakfast we sat and waited for my brother david to come and pick mom up and take her out for a mother's day lunch in pedlar's village.

liza looking very snazzy in her new hat

dave & liza

here i am wearing the beautiful swear mom made for me

after mom left, i joined a few friends and we all went down to northern liberties to show lisa's friend
athena around philadelphia a little bit.  she lives in san francisco and it's her first time in town.
lisa wanted to show her northern liberties. but  first we had a picnic on the drive near the boathouses.
then we visited the liberty bell and finally we had a blast walking around n.l. taking some time to
stop in at the random tea house for a chai & other house speicalities.  beautiful day.

diana, lida & i waiting to be picked up

picnicking on kelly drive 

we had a champagne toast to all the mothers of the world


the random tea house....

lida enjoying an ice tea

mom & i sat & chatted at the end of our day and exchanged stories about our lovely mother's day.  

may 14th...

mom left today. dhani and i drove her to airport.  she's flying to toronto to visiting her sister for a few days and then back home to b.c.


uma and the geese

picking wild strawberries for the goats to eat 

walking in the rose garden and picking flowers for mama

Mamatography 2012