Monday, July 2, 2012

june 14st - 20th

another week another's almost summer (i can hardly believe it) and the weather this week was magnificent.  warm and sunny every day,  just perfect.  i purchased a hammock at a garage sale over the weekend and installed it in the side yard between two trees.  uma and i have been spending time out there mostly swinging, but also reading and talking.  the vegetable garden is coming along.  the salt hay is keeping the weeds in check and also helping to retain moisture. uma and i have had some more lovely evenings playing outside, and picnicking out on the front porch.  one day we found a some die in the kitchen and uma (who had seen her daddy and his friends playing d&d) knew what to do with them. she gave quite a lot of thought to each throw contemplating her strategy.  we played with the zolo again, this time we made a huge
multi headed thingy...he was quite handsome looking as you will see in the pics.   uma's favorite thing to do is to eat & drink...very important part of our day.   she spotted the little shot glasses i used for making espresso and now that's her go to glass when she wants a drink of water or juice.   i got some pictures of her drinking  apple juice, and didn't realize how funny it looked till i saw the pics... you tell me what you think.

i've been very much enjoying the flowers in my garden and uma and i picked flowers and did an arrangement that turned out quite nice.  last week (if you remember) i went to alvethorpe park with my friend lida.  well, this week i took uma and we had blast.  first of all, you must be a resident of abington township to drive in to the park and because i am not a resident we had to walk in to the park.   we found the playground, the sand box and finally the wading pool. it was a perfect end to our day and to the week.

here's my week in pictures...

uma meets the hammock

hmmm...feels comfortable

our happy veggies (thank you salt hay)

can you see the little peppers

our fairy

sit on my lap bindi 

the girls


zolo fun 

uma doing shots

happy aloe

gathering flowers


back patio looking kinda bare....needs more work

the die are cast

young pine cones


smelling & tasting mint

it's spicy

can you see the bee?


alvethorope park


come on in e-ma


Mamatography 2012

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