Tuesday, July 10, 2012

june 21st - july 4th ....cape cod here i come

ah....nothing like a summer get-away to cape cod.  i am so blessed to have the freedom, means and friends to travel to and and spend time on the cape.  this is the third year in a row that i have had the privilege to be a guest at the chase cottages in chatham.  lida, diana & hit the road very early morning for a beautiful ride, the weather was perfect, the roads pretty good...only a couple traffic tangles in connecticut.  we stopped for a leisurely lunch in mystic. we found a cute little place on the water that we enjoyed so much that  we stopped there again for breakfast when we were heading home.

it wasn't long after we left philadelphia that i realized that i'd forgotten all (or most) of my camera equipment at home.  oh no!!!  though i had my small cannon power shot in my hand bag, didn't have any  of the cables or batter charger.  oh how my heart ached.  what kind of vacation would this be without my camera? i quickly got over it and determined to make the most of my time by journaling, drawing and using my little camera (if i could find a charger).  it would be fine i told myself....and it was.

i got lots of pictures of bunnies, birds, trees, flowers and the ocean.  i knitted lots of cool stuff...i made some jewelery with shells and yarn. i walked and read to my hearts content.  the ocean air was intoxicating...so rich with oxygen and delicious aromas of sea and flower and salt. my dear friend lida was under the weather most of the time so we didn't take any day trips (yay). we celebrated two birthdays (lida's & diana's), visited all the thrift shops we could squeeze in, and fully enjoyed chatham, the beach, the people, the life.

i guess you noticed that i've put two weeks together...makes it easier for me.  okay, so here are my pictures....i've broken them down by category rather than date.  trees, beach, flowers, birds, bunnies , sky and more.  enjoy...

sky, moon & rainbow

 wild flowers & gardens


wild pea

lace cap hydrangea




day lillies








bay side ... our house is on the bay. lots of early morning walks






bunnies...so many and so chubby and cute







birds...the bird feeder attracted many types of birds

hawk outside out kitchen door

and more...

kitchen little - mystic connecticut

we arrived!!!

walking to town

birthday dinner

outside our house


one of my knitting projects completed

Mamatography 2012

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